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The McFarlan Hall, Clarencefield, DG1 4NF
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The McFarlan Hall is the major public building in the Clarencefield & Ruthwell area; it has served our community for over 120 years and is a popular hub for many local activities.  We host clubs, coffee mornings, community meetings, special events, parties & other private hires.  It has disability access and is conveniently sited in the centre of Clarencefield with a Car Park and Bus Stop outside (Route 79 – Dumfries / Carlisle).

A major refurbishment programme, including installation of a modern kitchen and a full redecoration has just been completed.  The main Hall has a floor area of approximately 98m2 and can seat around 80 people (24 in Covid-Safe configuration); tables, chairs, crockery etc. are available – Soft Safety Floor Mats are available by arrangement.  The Hall is available for hire at affordable rates;

Private Hires – One Off Events with no commercial aspects; (Includes Fund-Raising, Parties, Celebratory Events, Etc.). From £9.50 per Hour (including Power Costs)

Commercial Hires; From £16.00 per Hour + Power Costs (£0.24p/unit)  

Charity Events – One Off events – Hall Management Committee to be assured that the specified Charity is the major beneficiary.  FromPower Costs Only (£0.24p/unit)

Regular Users with no commercial aspects;  Clubs, sports groups, etc From £2.00 per Hour + Power Costs (£0.24p/unit)

Note; Users are responsible for Health & Safety and all Licensing & Insurance Issues Associated With the Use of the Hall.

For detailed Hire Terms & Charges, General Enquiries or Bookings, please contact the Hall Secretary on 01387 870 249; if we’re not there, leave a message & contact number.  We look forward to hearing from you.