Agenda – 88


Minutes of the meeting of the Ruthwell & Clarencefield Community Council

Held on Tuesday 6th July 2021 @ McFarlan Hall


Iain CarsonChairmanJoan Dodd
Les JardineDeputy ChairmanDavid Goldie
David StainthorpeTreasurerJake Lundy
Sue GilbertSecretaryKay Kingstone


  1. Welcome & apologies for absence
    The Chairman welcomed all those present
  2. Minutes of the previous meeting
    The minutes had been circulated prior to the meeting, it was noted by David Goldie that the figure of £1,000 quoted under Bridge Sub Group should be amended to read “£1,000 plus VAT & Delivery”, this was noted and, subject to this being recorded, the minutes were proposed by Les Jardine, seconded by Jake Lundy and noted as a true record.
  3. Any Matters arising
    It was confirmed that D&G had been requested to provide information on when the permanent bridge at Brow Well would be installed but at the time of the meeting there had been no response, this would be chased again. Action: SG
  4. Bridge Sub-Group/Field Committee
    David Goldie noted that the concrete panels had now been completed and were ready for delivery, and Dick Wardaugh was organising this. It was also noted that the public liability insurance had been put in place at a cost of £100. The Community Council would need to reimburse Dick for this cost as we had undertaken to pay the 2021 premium
  5. Police Report – There was no police report
  6. Treasurer’s Report
    David confirmed that the current balance held at the bank was £4,352.92; there had been a number of payments made since the last meeting – £1,500 to the Field Committee and £1,000 to Creatomatic, both amounts had been funded via grants from D&G Council; there were also payments made to the various individuals for the upkeep of the flower tubs and War Memorial.
    At the time of the meeting there had been no draw down of Minsca funding since 2019, it was agreed that a list of Minsca approved projects should be drawn up from previous minutes to enable some of this funding to be drawn and placed in the CC bank account (Action: SG).
    David also noted that he was holding an amount of cash which would be paid into the bank.
  7. Secretary’s Report
    The two quotations from Solway Offset and Alba printers were reviewed and it was agreed to accept that from Alba in the sum of £264.00. The photographs submitted for the calendar were available at the meeting and selection was agreed following the meeting.
    It was also noted that at an earlier meeting it had been agreed to provide a memorial to Fergus Sword for his long service to the Community Council and also to others residents who had passed away during 2020. The meeting agreed to discuss this at the September meeting.
  8. Councillors Report – There was no Councillors Report
  9. Savings Bank Museum
    Les updated the meeting on the recent Working Group meeting with TSB and noted that this had been mainly an information gathering session. Kay confirmed that the inventory provided by TSB had been checked and was correct. At the time of the meeting the Working Group were exploring opportunities for archiving the current collection. A further Working Group meeting was scheduled for the 8th July and Les proposed that a combined Community Council and Working Group meeting should take place after this, possibly on the 13th July. TSB had also provided details of a group within the Scottish Parliament that assists groups undertaking community transfers; it was hoped that a representative may be able to attend the 13th July meeting. David Stainthorpe noted that he would not be happy with any interim transfer arrangement. Kay also confirmed that the Surveyors had been at the Museum and had noted a number of minor problems; this was noted.
  10. Any other Business
    The issue of bottle banks was raised and it was noted that it is not proposed to install such a bank at the McFarlan Hall; currently banks were available at Cummertrees Village Hall and Glencaple.
    David noted that Jim Brown had now taken over responsibility for the flag at Brow Well; the meeting agreed that it would be a good idea to purchase a supply of flags as these did need to be replaced from time to time. Jim would be asked to purchase six flags and present the invoice to the Community Council for payment.
    It was noted that the bridge over the culvert at Ruthwell Station had been damaged; Sue confirmed that it had been reported to the Council and their engineers had carried out an inspection on Monday 5th July.
    The photographs for the calendar were selected following the end of the meeting.

Date of next meeting;

Tuesday 7th September 2021 @ 7.30 p.m. McFarlan Hall – AGM